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4 Panel Sliding Closet Doors

This build includes 4 ft-20 ft of Sliding barn door hardware, which can be attached to a track kit for your single wood door, the build also includes keyhole dimensions for ease of build.

Best 4 Panel Sliding Closet Doors

This kit includes twenty-foot track to slide the Doors open and closed, and a barn door hardware kit to add the Doors and track to your fence, you can also order the track and Doors together or individual-ly. The kit also includes a rail to placed the Doors and track on your fence, this 4 door Sliding Closet door kit is designed to help you open the Doors of your closets or beds in a variety of ways. It allows you to add track roller motion to the door action, allowing you to move the door in a variety of ways, this allows for a more comfortable stay in your home. This keyless open-ability Panel Sliding Closet door kit is top for a single-occupant barn or barn with a double door size, the door kit includes two gates, one on each side of the barn. The gates can be opened from the front or back of the barn, and the Doors can be opened from the top or front of the barn, the keyless open-ability of this kit makes it exceptional for busy, single-occupant barns. This kit includes all you need to build a four-track Sliding barn door: a key ring, a store box, and a door handle, the key ring installments a traditional key ring with wheel. The store box provides access to a room's space level, and the door handle provides access to the store level, the kit also includes a barcode reader and a booklet that explains key wheel, store box, and door handle.