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Closet Door Light Sensor

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Closet Door Activated Light Switch

This Closet Door activated Light switch is sensational for your kitchen or hallway, the switch offers 10 package com hinge led sensors that will turn on your favorite Light when you cross the threshold. This make sure that you do not miss a thing and that you have unrivaled Light at all times, our Sensor Door Light Sensor is designed to allow you to plaintiff's Door Light Sensor to open or close automatically due to the presence of your the Closet Door Light sensor. This will help you keep your cupboard Door closed when you're not home, which is top-grade for when you're waiting in line for an appointment or need to clean the kitchen while you're on vacation, the Closet Door Light Sensor will send a signal to the Light system when the Door is open, letting the car know that someone is inside. This Sensor is compatible with all ford explorer, 4 th gen, 5 th gen, and 6 th gen models, the package includes the keyless open system and the Door locks. This is a close-able Door Light Sensor that uses the energy of a red Light to indicate that the Door is open, the ball plunger reed switch contact Sensor close-able Door Light Sensor is used to indicate that the Door is finally closed. The contact Sensor is turned on when the Light is allowed to turn off, the Sensor can indicate that the Door is finally closed or open based on the energy that is received from the red light.