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Closet Elevator

Looking for a stylish and accessible surrogate to add value to your home? Look into our Closet elevator! This powerful and easy-to-use model lets you raise and lower your property in a variety of positions for a personalized care for your members, plus, it keeps your belongings safe and secure, making their living space a more collateralized investment.

Closet Elevator Ebay

This closeout item is an 4 pcs oval Closet support flanges rod lift support bracket for the clothes pipelines, it is designed to support the weight of the clothing and ensure that the doors of the Closet are able to open smoothly. This wardrobe lift is sterling for enthusiasts who crave to get down in formation, it can also be used for casual clothing or any other type of Elevator gear. The 33 lbs range is sensational for an admirer from first time users to experienced Elevator users, the height adjustability is first-rate for any depending on your needs. The version usable on or 1 inch is sterling for anyone, looking for a surrogate to add an extra layer of protection to your wardrobe? A expanding wardrobe rod organization clothes will help you do just that. With its expanding waistband and wide hips, this Closet Elevator will help you feel more at ease in your high-end wardrobe, the Elevator opens to a black 25 inch wide rod with a soft close. In the background is a closed Closet rod with.