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The closet pro cd-0024-4872wt heavy duty adjustable rod is a great choice for those who need a rod that can be adjust to ever 24-inch or 72-inch size. It is made from heavy-duty materials and is well-maintained. The rod is also college-quality-quality.

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The closet pro 5nm t-handle preset torque tool is perfect for applying pressure to tight spaces. It has a smooth, sleek design with a black anodized aluminum design. The t-handle provides comfortable handling and is heated with the included heat gun to make it easy to do work. The tool can be used with or without the heat gun to get the job done. This tool is also threw-out with a built-in guide that makes it easy to move the tool. this closet pro rp0022-1830 is an adjustable closet rod that is available in platinum or other color. It is ideal for a small or large room, and can be customized to fit up to 30 in. X 30 in. It is also adjustable to a comfortable waist size of 10 in. X 10 in. This closet pro item is perfect for larger rooms or people who need to be able to move around in the room without feeling cramped. this heavy-duty cd-0024-4872wt closet pro is a great choice for those who want a strong and durable cd-0024-4872wt closet pro. The heavy-duty adjustable rod is available in 48-inch white size and it can be adjusted to a perfect 4-inch gap. The closet pro can also be easily attached with just a few screws. This closet pro will provide you with all the functionality you need to get your home organized and clean. this are five black pro-grade door knob handles with five.