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Closet Shelf Brackets

This is a great way to keep your clothes looking new and perfect while keeping your closet looking modern. The bracket also supports clothes hangerpole on top for extra support.

Closet Shelf Bracket

The world’s most popular desk accessory is often one that is least known; the shelf bracket. This so-called “trending item” is often considered to be the most interesting and latest on the market, due to its unique and interesting design. But is it worth buying for the right reasons?

Closet Rod And Shelf

This is a great way to add a bit of style to your space without having to design and order all the items every time. The brackets are 12" tall and have a bracket qr code on the front that you can scan into your computer to find what size they are. They go from 2" to 2 1/2" around the circumference. The final size for your shelf is based on the qr code. this closet rod and shelf is perfect for adding some extra storage to your room. this is a 45 degree closet rod bracket for the front of a shower. It is designed to support a laundry line, and support a pole holder from the shelf in the corner of your closet. Compatible with the shower curtain tension rod socket laundry room closet shelf pole holder brackets. metal closet shelf brackets heavy duty brackets for clothes hanger poles. These brackets provide secure hanging for your clothes without the need for long screws. The metal brackets are designed to provide ease of use and accuracy when attaching clothes hanger poles to your metal closet shelf. The brackets also adds a touch of luxury to your setting with a modern touch. this is a great new closet shelf! The shelf has a white wire coat hanger on the top and is made frombrackets 2 new.