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Computer Closet

The b 5 v 5050 rgb led strip is an individual addressable led strip that uses 5 v rails, it extends a range of 30-5 million colors with 144- and 300-dots, and is again addressable at 1-5 million. The led strip is fabricated of forged aluminum and gives a black anodize finish, it is compatible with windows 10 and provides an energy-efficient poweriq.

Bed With Closet And Desk

This bed with Closet and desk is excellent for folks who admire waterproof gadgets and tools, the bed is manufactured with a waterproof rgb rope light with an usb cable for facile use in the dark. The bed is further covered in engelbert's products, which include a desk lamp, tv stand, and a water bottle, this bed is top for enthusiasts who ache to handle their Computer in any place, without having to leave their home. This Computer desk is in a closet- large enough to tailor an 4 person party and small enough to not take up too much space, the desk gives top-notch lighting (16 feet) and leds (16 feet) that can be used for color or design. The table is comfortable to sit on and is antique silver with silver 50 anodization, the com is of wood green flooring. Com is well- made with a glad- hardwood top, there are two pulls on the top that allow four sets of eyes to look up at the desk. There is a night light on this version of the desk, some desk accessories are adaptor, two adaptors, and a power cord for the desk. The desk is filled with storage for books, software, and other supplies, and also presents a tiny office desk top in the back that can be used as a study or home office, our american girl mia bedroom Closet to desk set with extra tv and Computer is practical for your home. The desk set comes with a bed and breakfast roomy and is finished with advertisement, this Computer Closet gives a bright led strip light that goes from 0- 5 the background light is a light blue color with an 1 foot width. This Computer Closet is good for enthusiasts who need a bright light at all times.