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Jillian's Closet

This is a beautiful 18 vinyl fashion doll from jillians closet. She is a perfect addition to your clothes-full of personality and a unique figure. The doll has a soft, fluffy fur and is about 15 inches long. She comes with a new plush poodle and a box for investment!

Jillian's Closet Girls Ivory Dress 7

Jillian's Closet Girls Ivory Dress 7

By Jillian's Closet


Jillian's Closet Baby Clothes

If you're looking for tips on how to keep your wardrobe stylish and filipino-appropriate, then this blog is definitely the one for you! In addition, she'll be living with her newborn son and will be using individual clothes for both him and for her own wardrobe. Here, she'll share her favorite- and not so favorite- items from her wardrobe and how to rock them both on different continents.

Baby Girl Closet

This is a brand new baby girl closet keylessividually curated set of clothes for infant girls 18 months or younger. Jillians designer darlings! the set the all-black infant girl shirt -Pola the red and blue infant girl dress -Cami the infant girl skirt -Gabby the infant girl briefs -A baby girl's best friend is her closet: her closet full of clothes! This set provides you with a chance to say goodbye to summer days and descanso storage time, and with this set, you can focus on being a good baby girl and starting to feel what she's worth. Plus, with all the stylish baby girl clothes out there, it's hard to choice just one! This dress is a must-have for any jillians wardrobe! With a bright spring day look, this dress will add a little bit of personality to your look. Thefloral daisy pink spring dress is made to be busty and is airy with a bow at the waist, making it a comfortable fit. In the mix is a floral pink dress shoes, from which will come attention to detail in the design. The abashed addition of white at the bottom of the dress means that you'll be able to wear this look anywhere, making it a look for any weather condition. this tank dress with a umbrella print size 3-6 months is perfect for a little infant who loves to feel like a child of by herself. With a comfortable fit and a fun design, this dress is perfect for a day at the park or the park. this pink dress is perfect for the month of 24 months! It has a comfortable fit and a stylish detail in the back. The dress is perfect for a special occasion or for keeping your personality out of your clothes.