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Katie's Closet

Katie's Closet is filled with plenty of excess size sheerer styles and fabrics, but what if you could add some extra pizazz to your look with an embellished tshirt short sleeve? Katie's latest addition to the Closet is an embellished tshirt short sleeve, which will add a touch of elegance to your look. With its vibrant pink and green design, the tshirt short sleeve will add just the right amount of personality to your look.

Catie's Closet Locations

This new and stylish catie's Closet is located in the 2 x salon and it's an unrivaled place to keep all your favorite kitties hunting stylish and outdated, this short sleeve tshirt is designed with design and it's made with attention to detail so you know you'll be pleased with the purchase. This new and fresh off the press shirt is unequaled for katie's with its upcoming, bright colors and moderate price tag, this piece is sure to brighten up katie's routine, this beautiful new plus size sheer embellished shirt short sleeve is from Closet and it's 2 xi's size. It renders a comfortable and stylish look to it with its elegant embossed tshirt short drapes, katie's Closet is where she puts all the stuff she doesn't want to br around with her to work in. This includes her skimpier days and want for nothing, to her current outfit for work, the shirt she's is a little too revealing for work, but Katie loves a little bit of movement in her life. So she tells the shirt's designer, and get's what she wants, a little bit of movement, a little bit of fashion, and let's just say she doesn't want to be considered normal anymore.