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White Wire Shelving Closet

This wire shelving closet is made of white ventilated plastic it's a great option for those with allergies or who are pregnant. It comes with a white wire closet door and is options to add a black or brown wire door.

White Wire Shelving Closet Ebay

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Cheap White Wire Shelving Closet

This stylish white wire shelving closet is perfect for your toy organizer needs. The 12-cube wardrobe storage shelf is easy to set up and is perfect for holding all your toy items. The system includes 48 w x 80 h x 16. 75 d adjustable shelves, making it a perfect solution for a busy office. The system is steel in color and makes a great addition to any room, office or home. this luxurious white wire shelving closet is perfect for your home office or bedroom. It'screativemintshelf's top-selling shelf, and you can trust our products to be of the highest quality. With no-nonsense design, this shelf is perfect for holding yourotypes and reports. Witthavebvmc this evelots white wire shelving closet is a new addition to our store and is improved and divided into two areas, the easy clip and the separator. It is easy to clip on and off of and is made of steel.