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Wooden Closet Rod

This wooden closet rod is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home space. Made from mahogany finish wood, this rod is easy to clean and is perfect for your storage needs.

12 Inch wooden closet pole

12 Inch wooden closet pole

By Everbilt


Wood Dowel For Closet Rod

Looking for a potential wood dowel for a potential closet rod? Check out our selection of wood dowels for your next project! We highly recommend using a heavy duty scissor saw to remove the finish from your wood dowel, so make sure your tool is up to par!

Dowel Closet Rod Support

This is a heavy-duty clothes rack with a wooden shelf for doubles. The rack has two rod closet racks to hold your clothes. The heavy-duty construction means that it can handle many years of use. The rack also has wheels for movement and storage. this is a horizontal wood bolt rod support bracket for shelves and cabinets. It is perfect for supports for the tote bags or clothes hamper. The brackets are condition nouveau. The colors are black, red, and white. The brackets come in two sizes - small and large. The small size is perfect for small spaces. The large size can support a large items with ease. This is a perfect for larger spaces. The brackets also come with washers and screws. They are easy to put in and take out. This wood closet rod support bracket is for 12 inch wooden closet poles. It is made of durable materials that will never lose its shape and will never fall apart. This bracket is a great way to keep your closet in perfect condition, and it is easy to use too. This wooden dowel closet rod holder set is a great way to keep your clothes organized and in one place! The set includes a 120-pair plastic dowel rod and 1 38- pair of brass fasteners. It also includes a hanger for using other wooden dowel rod holders. The set is perfect for using a standard closet clothes hanger or fastener. The rod can also be used to store clothes in a single place, making it a great addition to a kitchen or bedroom setting.